Writing For Us

Wanna Write for Us?

We are thankful for our writers and are honored to read each and every submission! We accept original content as well as previously published content, and will reference original sources. We also accept multiple submissions. At this time, we are unable to compensate our writers, but hope to do so in the future.

We are actively looking to expand our team of staff writers, who have their work published regularly on Literal Shyft and are an active part of our expanding Shyft community and associated opportunities. We  also accept guest submissions for those looking to publish once or intermittently.

Once we receive your submission, you will usually hear back from an editor within 2-4 weeks as to whether it will be published. Please note that we may ask you to revise your post, or we may perform some minor edits prior to publication.  You will be notified when your post goes live, and all posts are shared via our social media channels; we love when our writers also share with their readership.

Writing Guidelines

  • We are looking for clear, creative, and conversational pieces that clearly connect to our message of conscious living for ordinary people.
  • Most published pieces are between 300 - 500 words
  • Include links and references as needed
  • Please include a headshot, brief bio, and answer to the question, “What inspires you?"
  • If you are submitting a previously published piece, please take a moment to modify according to our philosophy and guidelines, which will result in a greater chance of publication.
  • Currently Accepting Submissions For the Following Categories of Written Content: Editor's Coloum; Heart's & Soul; Mind & Body; Life & Work; Kids & Family; Things We Love; Interviews.

About Us

Literal Shyft is lifestyle media company designed to embrace “consciousness for the rest of us.” Our main product is a global digital magazine with weekly updated web content and a mobile app. Literal Shyft covers stories about social innovation and community, people and organizations making a difference locally and globally, conscious culture and lifestyle, and how-to’s for mindful social entrepreneurship and nonprofit work, and more.

Our readers are passionate about taking small steps toward a more intentional lifestyle by aligning their actions with their values.

Wear Shyft believe the best way to help our readers do this is to provide them quality information and resources that will enable them to embrace our philosophy: Notice, Align and Shyft.

Our Vision

We envision created a community of writers committed to bringing awareness towards the latest in conscious culture...the big ideas, the paths to get there, and the small steps along the way. We want real, honest stories with real, honest impact.

Thank you for considering Literal Shyft for your writing. Contact Us