Angela Morales

Angela currently leads the marketing department at a national publication focused on K-12 news, information, and policy in Washington, D.C.. She is fortunate enough to come from a diverse background, being raised in Europe for the first 11 years of her life. An avid writer and a creative at heart, Angela graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a degree in English Literature. The journey to mindfulness, she's found, isn’t an easy one. But, she tries every day to embrace it with all its jagged edges and smooth planes. Angela hopes her blog finds people who are also working towards “getting it together,” and able to laugh through it. She's an aspiring yogi, shoe-lover and just your average neurotic 30-something year old.


Inspired by: tea, all of the tea; music; art therapy; authenticity; the moon; strength in the face of adversity; and moments when you're perfectly aligned with the universe

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