The Next Step

Author: Monisha Vasa

Watching Literal Shyft grow over the past several months has been nothing but pure joy.  Since we launched in May, we have steadily added a host of brilliant and generous authors who have shared deeply personal content.  Our readership continues to grow.  There is a profound feeling of satisfaction--we are really doing it.  We are contributing to peoples' lives, sharing stories, and deepening and broadening the conversation about how to live the conscious life.

There is no other way to describe this feeling other than profound gratitude.  Gratitude for our team that has come together.  Gratitude for the dreamers, writers, peace-makers and meditators in this world.  And grateful for all of you, our readers, who remind us exactly why Literal Shyft is an important voice today.

But there is more.  September has been a busy month for all of us here at Shyft.  We are taking the next step, from word, to action.  This month, we launch Shyft Work, our workplace meditation program.  Shyft Work is an innovative, one of a kind mindfulness and meditation program geared specifically towards workplace issues.

Our relationship to the work we do is csmalleromplex.  Perhaps for some of us, work is a calling, and for others, simply a job that brings in income so we can find meaning in other parts of life.  But there is no question that work is a place where we often feel stressed, overwhelmed, and disconnected from our bigger picture purpose.  Meditation in the workplace allows us to develop a sense of integration, resilience, and compassion where we need it the most.

Desmond Tutu once said, "Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world."  This is why Literal Shyft and Shyft Work exist--because this is how our team can, little by little, do our part to bring a greater sense of wellbeing to ourselves and our community.  Bringing mindful awareness to the workplace will allow each and every individual to do the same...cultivate a greater sense of presence with work, home, and life as a whole.

Nothing could be more important.

So we thank each and every one of you for becoming a part of our family.  We thank you for believing in us and what we do.  And more than anything, we thank you for doing your part, in small and big ways, to bring love to every word and action.

With gratitude,






Monisha Vasa, MD

Editor In Chief, Literal Shyft, Conscious Words for Conscious Living

Visit our website to learn more about Shyft Work.

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