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We can't get enough of our Loverope bracelets.  Loverope is a 100% vegan leather, customizable bracelet, handmade and handstamped with love in Bali.  Engrave the little metal disc with any name or statement that is meaningful to you.  All products are shipped free of charge from Bali to anywhere in the world, and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Things we love -- Loverope

The founder, Chris, started Loverope after his own personal journey towards discovering what made life happy and meaningful for him, and a desire to create something that all individuals could wear as a reminder of what they truly love.

Learn more about Loverope here.  Shyft readers can receive a 10% discount using code "SHYFT2LOVE.

Literal Shyft

Based in New York City, YOGASMOGA  is a kind-natured athletic apparel company with a heart for authenticity. One thing that I really love about the company is that they refuse to photoshop the bodies of their models. They believe that we are beautiful in our natural form, and don't need to look like an unattainable standard of perfection.
Yäan Wellness
Our  "Things We Love" list would be incomplete without this slice of heaven in Tulum, Mexico. Yäan is a center of wellness and healing mind, body, and soul come together to manifest in both inner and outer beauty.

The Director and Founder, Dr. Bobby Klein is a Clinical Psychologist and one of the pioneer practitioners of acupuncture in the United States.  He oversees their program which incorporates holistic modalities such as healing cleanses, spiritual enlightenment sessions and meditation classes.

Beauty All Around Us

We love this video by philosopher Jay Shetty, riffing here on paying close attention to the beauty that surrounds us in every moment.  

10 Simple Tenets

We love these ten simply tenets of positive psychology from the Power of Positivity.  Practicing one or two of these each day might very well pave the way towards a happier, more grateful life.

The Godfather of Mindfulness
The Godfather of Mindfulness

We love Jon Kabat Zinn’s philosophical reflections on how mindfulness changes our perspective on who we really are.

Mindfulness as a Superpower

We love Happify’s animation on why mindfulness is a superpower.

Cameron Diaz- The Longevity Book
The Longevity Book

  Cameron Diaz:  We love how Cameron Diaz is keeping it real in her new book, “The Longevity Book:  The Science of Aging, The Biology of Strength.”

Prince Ea’s riff
Can We Autocorrect Humanity?

Prince Ea Video: We Love Prince Ea’s riff on why should all put down our phones for just a minute.

Changing the World Begins with You
Changing the World Begins with You

We love Jay Shetty’s take on how to connect in today’s modern day, disconnected society.


Five Minute Journal
Five-Minute Journal

We know it can be difficult to find the time to journal everyday.  Five Minute Journal is our favorite life hack for documenting our days.  Every day includes an inspirational quote, and a few brief, positive prompts to start our day with intention, and end our day with reflection.  We love how jotting our thoughts in the five minute journal brings a sense of joy and peace to our days in five minutes or less.

Discover more about Five Minute Journal here.

Insight Meditation Timer
Insight meditation timer is our favorite mobile meditation tool, and is currently the top rated free meditation app on Android and IoS stores.  We love that we can join a community of over 850,000 meditators around the globe, and bookmark our favorite guided meditations to return to with ease.  Choose from morning or nighttime meditations, musical interludes, a simple timer, or other grounding practices.  There is something for everyone on Insight, whether you are a beginning or experienced meditator.  Discover more at www.insighttimer.com.
Baltic Amber candle by Scented Crow
Scented Crow

We are loving the Baltic Amber candle by Scented Crow Candles.  Scented Crow candles are carefully handcrafted and hand poured by a husband and wife team who live deep in the woods of Northern Idaho.  The candles are one hundred percent soy wax with a pure cotton wick, and are housed in a beautiful amber tumbler or glass apothecary jar.  We loved the Baltic Amber candle as a subtle, glowing, and wonderfully fragrant accompaniment to our nighttime meditation practice. 

As a special gift to Literal Shyft readers, Scented Crow is offering a 10% discount code (use checkout code:  READERS).

Flourish Body Wash

Flourish Natural Body Care is a luxurious body and skin care line that utilizes unique essential oil combinations to evoke strong feelings of harmony and grounding.  Founder Kirsten Connor believes in the power of using locally grown, Vermont farmed and wild-crafted ingredients, as well as fair trade and certified organic oils and sugars.  All of their products are free of silicones, sulfates, petro chemicals, and artificial fragrances and colors.  We couldn't get enough of their Patchouli Tangerine + Sea Salt Calming Hand and Body Wash, as well as their Rosewood Infusion + Angelica Luxurious Hand and Body Lotion.  Both left us clean, soft, and zen for hours.  

black jack
Back Jack

Our meditations, bottoms, and backs have been saved by the BackJack Chair.  Instead of discovering surrender during meditation, all we were discovering was a sore back and tight hamstrings after twenty minutes of sitting.  The BackJack chair transformed the process by allowing for firm back support, and the possibility of sitting with either legs straight ahead or cross legged, allowing us to find peace instead of pain.  The sturdy cushion provides a comfortable seat.  The entire chair is covered in a soft fabric that is as durable as it is relaxing.  The BackJack chair is available in a variety of soothing colors to fit any decor or setting, and also comes in a folding version for easy storage and transport.  You can find the chair, along with a variety of other meditation and yoga tools, over at www.sagemeditation.com.  

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