One Small Shyft At A Time

Author: Monisha Vasa

Why does it seem like the easiest things are actually the hardest? Like meditating for a few minutes in the morning, or writing a gratitude list, or exercising? We know that such activities only take a few minutes, and provide a profound return on our investment of time. We know we will feel so much better after than before. Yet somehow we never quite get into the rhythm we are looking for.

Before we know it, the “S” word starts to slowly creep in to our minds. We know we “should”…but somehow, we just don’t.

What I often discuss with my patients and in my writing, is that we can’t wait for our motivation in order to start. The motivation may well never come. Or it may come after weeks or months of maintaining our morning rituals or our nightly journaling before we see the true rewards, often leading to renewed motivation to continue.

So how do we start then? If we find ourselves struggling, it could be a sign that the task is still too big or overwhelming. What is the smallest possible action available to you that will allow you to take that very first step? It could seem ridiculously, microscopically small. But that is okay. No judgment here. Whatever takes you even a millimeter closer to your goals and dreams is worthwhile and worthy.

This is why we are excited to begin our “How To” series, and share in the power of small shyfts leading to massive change. This is our opportunity to suggest tiny ways to build positive forward motion into all of our lives. When we each individually make a more conscious decision, we each inhabit more conscious lives. And conscious lives lead to conscious communities.

Before we know it, we are transforming, individually and collectively.

So we welcome you with open arms to our “How To” series, and we look forward to all of your suggestions and ideas as well. Share with us what it is you know how to do. We are all students, learning how to live our best possible lives.

One small, shaky, imperfect step at a time.

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