The Magic of New Beginnings

Author: Monisha Vasa

2016 was certainly a year of new beginnings for Shyft.  And as I look back over the year, I realize that, in fact, new beginnings is exactly what Shyft stands for.  Whether it is January 1 or May 1, whether it is 11:59 pm or the ball just counted down to midnight, we always, always have the opportunity to begin again.  To start over.  To take a small step or a giant leap in the direction of our dreams.  That is the magical opportunity that every moment brings—to make a choice for ourselves that brings us just a little closer to a life that is aligned with our true values and desires.

In our first year, we accomplished more than we could have imagined.  We started Literal Shyft, our digital magazine focused on conscious living, forging relationships with readers and contributors from all over the world.  We hosted our first retreat with Pernille Spiers-Lopez and Good Life Designed, bringing together women from all different backgrounds to lovely Coronado Island, for a weekend of cultivating mindfulness and meaning.  We launched our corporate well being program, providing mindfulness based meditations in a variety of conference rooms across Orange County and Los Angeles.  And we hosted a number of private events in homes and yoga studios, creating opportunities for connection and conversation around how we can all live more meaningful lives.

We couldn’t be more proud of how we started, and perhaps more importantly, our “why”…we believe that, more than ever, we all need ways to slow down, discover what is important, and reach out to one another.

Shyft began as a vision deep in the hearts of three women.  But it came to life because of the community that believed in that vision, and participated wholeheartedly in its continued manifestation.  We realize that, in every beginning and ending, we have an opportunity to be grateful for the people who walk alongside us in this journey of life.  Thank you, each and every one of you—whether you have contributed an article to Literal Shyft, read one of our posts, joined us in meditation, or simply encouraged us to keep going.  We started because of you, and we keep going because of you.

So what shyfts lie ahead for you in 2017?  What new beginnings are whispering to you in a way that won’t let you go?  Just as you supported Shyft, we hold an unwavering belief in your ability to bring your passion to life.  Sign up to receive our latest free guided meditation on new beginnings, straight from our hearts to your inboxes.  It is our way to reach out to you in this vast world, and show you that we can’t wait to watch your unique and powerful gifts come to fruition in the year ahead.

From all us of at Shyft, we hope the year ahead is full of joy, health, and abundance.  Thank you for being a part of our tribe.  Let’s make 2017 our year to shine.  We’ll see you at the start line.

With gratitude,

Monisha Vasa

Monisha Vasa, M.D. Editor In Chief Literal Shyft Digital Magazine

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