Kindness of Character

One thing that always stands out in the world is kindness. This heartwarming opinion piece in the New York Times is proof of that. In it, Rebecca Sabky, the former admissions director at Dartmouth, recalls the most unusual letter of recommendation for a student she had ever received in her 15 years on the job: a letter from a school custodian. The custodian wrote that he felt compelled to support the student’s candidacy to the college because of the student’s thoughtfulness. The student was the only one in the school who had taken the time to learn the names of the janitorial staff, to consistently express his gratitude, and to tidy up after his peers, even if he thought nobody was around to notice. Nowadays, the competition is always tough – whether you’re applying to schools, jobs, or just trying to make your own way in the world. However, kindness of character always sets you apart.

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